How I met my Sweetie!

In June-July 2009, I was staying with my friend Glenn Michael Mills , aka 'Millsy', at a home in Los Gatos. Millsy was dying of ALS or more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. Once a mighty force on the rugby field, Millsy was fading fast and I wanted to spend as much time with him as I could.

I always thought we would have time as we got older. Nature was not on the same page as me.

Millsy and I playing at Stanford in the early 90's 

Millsy and I at the Glenn Michael Mills Rugby Tournament 2009 

I moved into the house in Los Gatos, which was donated by a friend of ours, and outfitted with wheelchair ramps and handrails. The house was free, for as long as Millsy needed it. My job was to drive him to appointments, meals, and such, and to cook for him.

About the 1st of July 2009 my phone rings "Calder, ya crazy bastard, we gotta go to this thing at Jimmy's place!". On the other end was my friend, mentor and partner in crime, the legendary writer Warren Hinckle. 'Jimmys Place" is the infamous Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre probably one of the finest strip clubs on the planet and certainly home of the most beautiful dancers. 

Artie and Jim Mitchell 

Opened on July 4th 1969, the Mitchell Brother, Jim and Artie, turned the porn world on its head. When their 'Ivory Snow Girl" Marilyn Chambers filmed 'Beyond the Green Door", the Brothers success, wealth and fame blossomed! 

What better to do with the legally gotten gains? Start newspapers and stir up some shit! 

Hence Mr. Warren Hinckle!

Warren James Hinckle III 

Warren James Hinckle III, an American political journalist based in San Francisco. Hinckle is remembered for his tenure as editor of Ramparts magazine, turning a sleepy publication aimed at a liberal Roman Catholic audience into a major galvanizing force of American radicalism during the Vietnam War era.
After leaving Ramparts in 1969, Hinckle co-founded and edited the magazine Scanlan's Monthly with New York journalist Sidney Zion. There he matched illustrator Ralph Steadman with Hunter S. Thompson to produce "The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved" (1970), the first work of Gonzo journalism. 

Warren’s journalism career began with Hunter S. Thompson, and included editing Ramparts and Scanlan’s Monthly, writing in the Independent, Chronicle and Examiner and publishing the Argonaut.

The Mitchell brother and Hinckle started 'War News" and the "Argonaut". As the Mayor of the day, the Honorable Dianne Feinstein, was at war with the brothers, to shut them down any way she could. It didn't work.

In fact, the brothers proudly displayed her personal phone number on their marquee!

Jim Mitchell had died in 2006 at his ranch, of natural causes. On February 27, 1991, Jim tried a drug intervention with his brother Artie, who in those times was wildy addicted to cocaine. 

The intervention ended with Jim shooting and killing his brother Artie, for which he eventually served over 3 years in prison.

Jim returned to his beloved Theatre on O'Farrell street, and continued his hilarious battles with City Hall and the San Francisco elite.

895 O'Farrell San Francisco, California 

Warren and the Mitchell brothers launched the Irish Republican Navy, fishing boats full of dead fish, to encircle the Queen of England ship Britannia, when they visited San Francisco in March of 1983. The idea was to get the IRS (Irish Republican Seagulls), to eat dead fish in the boats and hopefully shit on the Queen as she waved to the peasants!

These were fun times in San Francisco and Warren was the host! We met and I ended up working on his quarterly publication, the Argonaut and its web site. We caused all kinds of trouble!

So, the "thing at Jimmy's Place" was 40th Anniversary party of the O'Farrell Street Theatre and Warren and I were invited to this private affair! Sunday the 5th of July 2009. The Brothers empire was ran by Jims 27yr. old son James Raphael Mitchell, whom we all called 'Rafe'.

"Hey Warren, I'm watching my buddy down here in Los Altos, can I bring him as well?"


Seems Millsy has never experience the Mitchell Brothers so that was a real bucket list goal!

I get to Hinckles place around noon in Millsy handicapped truck with a ramp. We have a few pops at Warrens and head over to the O'Farrell Street Theatre.

Millys van was huge and the ramp need a lot of space. I pulled in front of the theater and had troubles getting Millsy out. Enter Tiny the Samoan doorman. "I get him for you" and he reaches into the van and in one sweeping movement, picks up 200 lb Millsy and his 200 lb electric wheelchair and plant him firmly at the door!

The place was hopping! the food was set up as a huge taco Bar, the drinks free and flowing. We fuel up and we meet another of our friends, the great Ron Turner, owner of Last Gasp comics, is one of the largest and oldest publishers and purveyors of underground books and comics in the world. Over the years they have published, and in some cases brought to light, some of the most respected and talented artists working today, including R. Crumb, Justin Green, Bill Griffith, Mark Ryden, Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Frank Kozik, Todd Schorr, Winston Smith, Spain, Robert Williams, and countless others.

The Great Ron Turner 

And Mr. Turner too brought a guest, the adorable Layla Lyne-Winkler, a writer who's quarterly art magazine Last Gasp prints and distributes. Big brown eyes a beautiful smile and a stunning blue and white polka dot dress!

And now, I'm drunk at this point.

The 40th anniversary party invited every woman who had worked at the theatre for the last 4 decades. A stunning range of beauties from all ages. And to entertain them tonight, a troupe of black male dancers in very minimal native clothing! This I had to see!

So we get Millsy in the only handicapped spot, right in front of the stage!

These guys were shaking their thing like I never seen before. Human tripods, the lot of them! The women were screaming and hollering, the dance crew was getting wild!

Until, I looked up and saw that Millsy, very close to the stage, just got clipped on his chin by a dancers member! yeah, dick smacked on the chin!

I run down and recover Millsy who is pissing himself laughing, I turn to get him into safety and we meet, Tex, pretty much the most beautiful person I've seen in my life, all 110 lbs and 5'2", all blonde and completely naked!

She was concerned about Millsy as well, and sat on his lap chatting quite some time! I decide to try to sober up and see that Layla girl again!

I gather enough of my wits to tell the beautiful Layla, that I'd like to see her again, that I'm kinda drunk and I don't want to embarass myself, and I shove a business card into her had, which she accepts, thank God.

Suddenly we notice, in a flash, Millsy's wheelchair is barrelling through the crowd with Tex laughing and bellowing hanging on to Millsy for dear life, the smile on Millsy face said it all!

Time to sober up as we have a long trip back to Los Gatos. I get Millsy stowed in the van, Hinkles staying because they still got booze. I decide to track down Ms. Layla and promise to talk to her soon.

I got a call on Tuesday, it was Layla, "you got some interesting friends Calder"! She was referring of course to Millsy, Hinckle and Turner, but also a tragic bit of news as well.

It seemed our host Jim 'Rafe' Mitchell had gone to his baby momma home the same night as the party, and killed her with a baseball bat, while he kidnapped his one year old daughter.

James Rafael Mitchell

Remarkably, his mug shot showed a bald clean shave young man. But when last saw him he has a nice haircut and a goatee. Apparently he was served a stay away order during the party, went home, got commando and literally went nuts.

Another devastating loss for the Mitchell Brothers. A Tragedy.

I however, met me a sweetie!

Been 10 years today!

We lost Millys a few months after the party. ALS took him in exactly 2 years.

We lost Warren on August 25, 2016. Layla did all the copy edits on Warren's last book "Who Killed Hunter S. Thompson?", printed and produced by Ron Turner's Last Gasp, of course!


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