About John Steven Calder

Born in Detroit Michigan in the year of the finest Chevrolet, 1957, Calders upbringing was one of extraordinary paradoxes. Son of a Gangster, an alter boy, a budding filmmaker and artist. An accomplished designer and inventor, Mr. Calders a Designer a Teacher, a Mentor and Leader. Proven leader of bright creative team of engineers and designers to develop innovative products. Products that make us better and use technology to improve our life, products that can change the world. Mr. Calder has designed countless hardware, software consumer and commercial products for over 40 years.

The Ocean Beach Series is a collection of CSS Art, extremely simple web pages with the minimal amount of coding. It began as an exercise at the San Francisco Art Institute, where Mr. Calder is a graduate. Experimenting with composition, palette and ratios, I visualized San Francisco's historical icons in the most minimalist way. The final compositions are simple web pages that contain less than 20 lines of computer code. The challenge has been to capture these iconic scenes as detailed and as lean as possible

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