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Cave Creek Arizona

He arrived at the airport to meet his cousins in a blur; the day’s events, all happening too rapidly. His cousin Jimmy was to meet him. He looked and found Jimmy, the 6'-8" inch Indian, towering above the crowd. They hug; pain is apparent; covered in shocking numbness. The freight clerk still held the body of his uncle, nicely boxed, no more than a shoebox."Trivia Jim" was killed by a truck on his way to Lake Havasu. Trivia had planned to spend the day gambling, he never made it. A truck hit his car in the rear; it exploded on impact. The truck driver said he could not reach him. The driver watched him catch fire as the trapped victim cried for help, scratching at the glass. This tragic act saved the family the expense of cremation. His three cousins were in tears, they did not know how to  manage such a tragedy. He knew. He was accustomed to chaos. He claimed the ashes, taking charge of the chaotic scene. "Hi dad" Jimmy says to his

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